We’ve moved!

Well, we have officially moved from Pennsylvania to Michigan. We are mostly settled in our new home but still unpacking and organizing some stuff and Griffin is settling into residency (he started July 1st).

We rented a 26′ moving truck (this thing was a tank!!) and a 7′ storage unit for the overlap. My Dad and I picked up the moving truck and he had the terrifying pleasure of driving that huge truck to our narrow streeted neighborhood and then later that night to his house. 🙂 Thanks Dad! We sent Cadence to camp for the day, hired some movers to help us, and loaded them up. Their were 4 movers and they were very fast and efficient but accidentally packed some of the first night things (air mattress, pillows, box with scissors, sheets, clorox wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, etc.) that were in a pile, by the time we realized they were buried in the back of the truck that it wasn’t worth digging them out. Which turned out not to be a very big deal. It ended up being another incredibly hot and humid day and we are so grateful we had the moving help.

When Cadence got home her best friend from school had to stop by for one more goodbye and to give her a birthday present (So sweet! We will miss her!) The day before we had celebrated Cadence’s birthday with her at her house and had cooled off in the pool and eaten some gluten-free cake. Then my Mother-in-law stopped by and helped with loading up our cars and cleaning the empty house. Before we left our house, the neighborhood families came by and the kids ate popsicles and played for one last time. We grabbed a quick dinner and went over to spend the night at my parents’ house. After getting the kids settled and in bed, my Dad and I drover over so I could say goodbye to my Aunt Anne and pick up the moving truck from our old house. That was a long drive back to their house while my Dad figured out how to use the truck and I figured out a tunnel-free route to get there.

Harley and Marco taking a break at the rest stop.

In the morning we started the long, supposed to be 10 hour drive out to Michigan, Griffin in his car with the dogs, my dad in the moving truck, and myself in the van with the kids. The kids were surprisingly amazing, we did have to stop about every 2 1/2 hours, but there was minimal whining from Cadence and Harley didn’t scream the whole time. It ended up taking Griffin and I 11 1/2 hours and more like 12 1/2 hours for my Dad in the truck. (Did I mention my Dad is my hero for driving that thing?) We went straight to the new house and set up the kids’ temporary sleeping arrangements (pack and play, sleeping bag), ran around in the new yard, and got the kids settled for the night. Then I unloaded mine and Griffin’s car and started putting stuff away and cleaning while Griffin and my Dad went to buy the necessities, beer and fans. It was still incredibly hot in Michigan and we still don’t have central air in this house too. I also climbed into the back of the truck and mountains of stuff to grab some of the couch cushions for Griffin and I to sleep on.

The next morning, we had movers come to help us unload the moving truck and set up Cadence’s bunk bed. The sea of boxes in each room was intimidating and overwhelming to say the least. I set up the living room first so that there was a spot to relax and for the kids to go. We had to take a lot of breaks from unpacking and do yard work instead because inside was a little overwhelming with all the boxes. It was great having Dad with us for the first few days because he was able to spot a yard work project and just do it.

Harley and Cadence helping us with the unpacking and yard work outside.

Since moving day we have been busy the past 3 weeks unpacking, running to Home Depot and Meijer’s, doing yard work, exploring the metro-Detroit area, going to my cousin’s beautiful wedding in Ann Arbor, having my mom and sister visit, and figuring out this whole stay at home mom thing while Griffin work 14 hour days. More updates soon!

This cute river walk runs right through the little downtown section of our new town!


  1. Debrah McCabe

    July 12, 2017 at 10:02 PM

    11 or 12 drives to the new house is a big move! I’ve done a few big moves so I know how big an accomplishment that is so congrats for get it done and congrats on the new house! What an adventure for you and your whole family!

    1. Shelby @ Blooming Beckers'

      July 13, 2017 at 2:16 PM

      Wow! I cannot imagine doing a big move like this multiple times. I think we will have at least one or two more big moves left before we settle somewhere. It feels so good to finally be in our new home and getting rid of boxes. 🙂

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